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Paperless Prescribing?

Paperless prescribing or electronic prescribing promises to reduce the risk of medication errors by providing a 'single source of truth' for healthcare professionals. Its biggest benefits include access to accurate, real-time information, improvements in efficiency and streamlined communication.

Webstercare has been specially selected to be part of the Federal Government trial for paperless prescribing.

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Why you need to stay ahead

Paperless prescribing is planned to hit the industry towards the end of 2019.
 (Australian Commonwealth)

The Royal Commission into Aged Care will focus on quality -paperless prescribing will help you stay ahead by reducing the risk of error.

Horror stories in the media has caused a lack of trust in aged care -
paperless prescribing will raise confidence by providing a safe, trusted system.

What is Paperless Prescribing?

Paperless prescribing, or electronic prescribing, enables electronic prescriptions as a legal form of prescription.

This means there is only one 'single source of truth', giving all healthcare professionals access to the same, accurate, real-time information. 

Paperless prescribing removes the need for duplicate records, so that less time is spent checking different sources of information and the risk of medication error is minimised, allowing doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to spend their time on what they do best - ensuring the best patient care possible.

At the end of the day, paperless prescribing ensures everyone works off the same medication profile, so that the patient or resident receives the right medication, the right dose, at the right time.

Paper free, no scripts,

no filing, no storage

Accurate, real-time information, anytime, anywhere

Less time spent


Streamlines communication between doctors, pharmacists & nurses

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